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Reviews for "Last Legacy: Null Space"

beautifully done. been a long time since a game like that really challenged me and held my attention so well too. good work.

I absolutely LOVE this game, great job! The atmosphere, the physics, the levels and the abilities were all very addicting and made for a very enjoyable gameplay. You really did your thing and I can only hope to see more games of this quality on here.

From what I've played so far, this game is amazing! The graphics, gameplay and music are simply brilliant. One small gripe I have is that at some times it feels as if you don't have much control over where you land when you jump. But this is only barely worth mentioning. It's near perfect the way it is and it's damn fun to play!

Cool game! I really like it.

It's so sad to know we'll probably never have another game from Runouw. But oh well, what can be done anyways, other than Steam there's no other alternative because of shitty mobile killing off flash games. Thank you for everything.