Reviews for "Last Legacy: Null Space"

Incrível.Finalmente achei O JOGO que eu sempre procurei.Plataforma com elementos RPG,magias,inimigos bem elaborados,gráficos belos....Simplesmente incrível,no entanto o jogo poderia ter mais fases,mais itens,mais habilidade e um modo "up" de skill para "download".Fantástico... :)

Oh hell yes. I've been looking for a RPG like this. I just discovered your game and played it for 2 hours straight. What time is it? 6 AM! Well.

What you could do, though, you can add more items, more maps, a skill tree, more attack options (I really liked the sliding, though. That was just straight awesome.) Maybe a foot flaming backflip hit would be great? And you can add enhanced movement. You added ledge grabs, that was great. Sprinting, rolling would also things I'd like to see.

Awesome game. 5 stars. Lacked some items. I was gonna give it 4.5, but hell, it's great.

From what I've played so far, this game is amazing! The graphics, gameplay and music are simply brilliant. One small gripe I have is that at some times it feels as if you don't have much control over where you land when you jump. But this is only barely worth mentioning. It's near perfect the way it is and it's damn fun to play!

This game is so great I tracked it down on the web and downloaded it to my desktop. I love it, my girlfriend loves it.

I've collected all of the 90 triangles and began hitting 90's with some magic attacks.

My only complaint.... More items! More Levels!

I want to see a last legacy 3!

5 Stars :D

I'm not usually into platformers, especially not ones which play around with moving/rotating parts and gravity, but this was just awesome! That each level is a different world, with its own rules as well as graphics, is highly impressive. The equipment system is good too. I am a bit disappointed that the morphing ability is used in few areas of the game... and some areas got really frustrating. But eventually I did finish the game and will probably try a few more levels in hard mode. Well done!