Reviews for "Last Legacy: Null Space"

This game rocks! Thank jeebus I have been looking for ever. Its free, and the abilities and weapons are cool.

I LOVE games like this, where you can just endlessly challenge yourself on levels, and harvest coinage, etc. Simply put, I'm bad at reviews and this is a great game.

certainly work on the fight without a weapon, add something in addition to the kicks will be interesting

played it and finished it. and i have to say that this game is a game of the month for sure and has a chance of beign a game of the year on newgrounds.
average story (better than the AAA games these days), average sound, excellent gameplay and beautiful graphics. i loved it so much that after finishing it on normal i played it on hard mode and at first i wasn´t expecting anything other than just giving more health and strength, but the levels are genuenly different on hard mode.

5/5, awesome game

The "all items" medal doesn't work