Reviews for "Last Legacy: Null Space"

Good job on the game, Some of the music is so awesome, But i wish the bad guys would have more moves and more powers, Awesome game but i think it should be updated now that would be great.

Good game otherwise but the all items medal does not seem to unlock for me despite having all items(I checked from level editor that I have found all of them) and having collected them all 3 times in different playthroughs(removed save files beforehand).

And you are right! The level designer is really the biggest feature! Helpful?

This game is straight up perfect. I like how those serious ass achievements give us some serious ass points.

The Best Game On Newgrounds.402/10.I Have A little isue though,i first played this on my friends laptop and got totally addicted but he moved out of town and i decided to play on PC but when i checked,the game save wasnt there even though i was using the same account,is there a way to fix this or is it gonna be like this forever?other than that the game is perfect.