Reviews for "Last Legacy: Null Space"

This is easily one of the greatest 2D platformer RPGs I have ever played. Sleek af controls, challenging gameplay, just pure endless fun. I love it.

I can't, and will probably never beat Hardmode with a 1 HP build but I have succeeded with a physical build.

Throwing Axe is a great weapon for a physical build.

Great game!

This is a great game, but the level designer should included more features. You cannot switch where the npc is facing. Otherwise, they will face away from you when you talk to them.

Good job on the game, Some of the music is so awesome, But i wish the bad guys would have more moves and more powers, Awesome game but i think it should be updated now that would be great.

Good game otherwise but the all items medal does not seem to unlock for me despite having all items(I checked from level editor that I have found all of them) and having collected them all 3 times in different playthroughs(removed save files beforehand).