Reviews for "Last Legacy: Null Space"

I am in love this game has really opened my heart happy birthday

Wow, just wow. Been awhile since I saw a game on Newgrounds that I enjoyed.


This game is made by a master game developer! :O!
Every level have a different style :O!

The only bug I found is in the lvl 4, last part, the red lever sometimes doesn't work when you click it...
But, the game is perfect, off course notebook players will hate this, but I have a mouse... xD!

Greetings. Let me start by saying this is a phenomenal game you've made! I've never heard of you or have seen your previous work before playing this game so you are a complete stranger to me on Newgrounds. But my God what a way to be introduced to such a talented person. I am a laptop user, which means that if I play a game that requires the player to use the mouse actively, it's a little bit more difficult because of the track-pad. I've gotten so used to the track-pad that I don't miss a mouse if I play an online game (most of the time). Enough of my rambling though. On to the review!
The music is fantastic. The title screen music sort of sets the mood for what a person is about to play. I love the orchestral/ piano music you chose for your game. It gave me a sense of vastness and also the anticipation of an adventure about to unfold in front of me. Each level had its own music to match the levels theme and I appreciate that greatly. Since every song seemed different, I never got tired of hearing the music.
I love the art style. Simple yet captivating through your games game play. I loved that the protagonist is a hooded figure and you never get to see his/her face. A little mystery is always welcome.
You're a inter-dimensional mage who's trying to find his/her way back to his/her own dimension. Some questions I had while playing your game was "How did the protagonist get lost? What's his/her dimension like? Were did he/she learn to fight, and were did he/she learn these Delta Powers from?" Also, I wish the boss had a little some character development. For the purpose of not spoiling anything, I won't transcribe the bosses dialog. But I do wonder why the boss said what it said. The shallow sense of the plot makes me feel like you just wanted to create a game with nice mechanics and interesting puzzles. I do like good stories, so in my opinion, the plot is a little vague. I think that if you take a little more time in developing the protagonist and the story a little more, just to match the game play, I think you would have created a mega hit. DO NOT get me wrong though, I by no means think this is sub par. On the contrary this is phenomenal. Some things need work, but this is a great product.
I like the various array of weapons you placed in this game. Not too little, and not too much. In my opinion, it's the perfect amount of selection. I wish you could have equipped more than three items though (for example brown book, damage ambulate, silver ring).
It seemed that for the most part, we had to fight ghosts and other mages. There were some animals , knights, and what seemed to be a demon, but other than that there wasn't too many different enemies. I do wish there were different enemies.
The only thing I found was that sometimes when I entered a new area, the protagonist would end up automatically running my himself/herself. I normally had to correct this by pressing different direction keys and it would somehow fix the problem. The glitch almost got me killed in one level because it almost made me run off into a bottomless pit XD.
THANK YOU FOR ALLOWING CUSTOM CONTROLS! I hate it when a developer doesn't allow the player to configure controls that are comfortable to the player. Makes things difficult and can lessen the value of a good game. After I did my own configuration, I had no problems controlling the protagonist at all. Good job.
I have completed your game in normal mode, and now my next run has to be through hard mode. I thought that the puzzles were great, not too difficult but also not too hard. The levels were interesting and I'm happy that every level was unique in its own way. There are miner problems as I stated above but this is an incredibly solid piece of work. I am incredibly impressed by the experience you created. Keep up the great work. I look forward to playing more games you create. Great job to everyone that developed this game.

HA, that ending...

I can't fault you too much, I always suck at endings too. XD The game played pretty well, even though I lagged like crazeh! Took me a few hours to beat it, so kudos for all the content. I can't say it was the best game I've ever played, but I had a lot of fun - which is all that really matters.

It'd be nice if there was some way to know which levels you missed the big triangles/how many you missed. Maybe this is it there somewhere and I just missed it.