Reviews for "Last Legacy: Null Space"

outstandingly fun game!

New favorite game on Newgrounds!!! Very simple, kinda has that retro platformer feel (like Tower of Druaga or something). I haven't seen any glitches so far, so very happy with that. I hope you make more games in the future! 5 stars.

i really liked it a lot,the music and levels,just one thing,how do i get the third big triangle in the sixth dimension and the first big triangle in eleventh dimension?

You don't often see this level of excellence in a flash game. Interesting, unique gameplay , good choice in loadout customizations and upgrades, smooth movement control, great level design, clever puzzle sections and good combat, all without lag and in an easy to master setup.

Awesome Polished Game!

I saw you plan to release on Steam and Wii U

My heartfelt good luck to you!