Reviews for "My First Fangirl"


you missed a free blow job, i'm sad for you

Funny movie. But perhaps a little TOOOOOO honest?

And on top of that, putting "Do You Want to Laugh?" in the thumbnail was a bit too much on too much. A lot of this seemed rather personal, and letting these two know how you felt about it over the Internet could have the potential to really hurt some feelings...

The animation was pretty well done. But the story got too long for me and it needed more backgrounds.

Sorry man but I had to rate 2.

I loved the story, it was funny and I liked the dialogue but man. Every time I see stories like this the animation is minimal. With yours though there was more than usual, and I like the anime-esque expressions but if you had've animated the entire thing, like instead of: Text, animated text, picture, text, animation, text, more text, picture, text, SUBSCRIBE with the whole dubstep or EDM shit, I think it would have been so much better.


Fake. Obviously some kind of made-up fantasy of the author and not REAL, people.