Reviews for "My First Fangirl"

Awesome story man!
It was fun, interesting, weird and yet you combined all this stuff and you did a damn good story! Maybe the animation wasn't extraordinary, meaning that the animation was there just to give us a few visual details, like a cartoon book. However, the visual expressions were amazing and the animation itself was very fluid.
What makes this video very nice is your voice that tells this story, you know. Even someone who does not have English as a native language could understand perfectly what this video is about, and still appreciate it at his true level. Also, the tone that you used was well chosen. The words you used and the explanations that you have given sometimes in the corner of the video were also well positioned in the movie.
I will definitely watch more animations made ​​by you! Well done!

damn i would just take that as a ego increase and let them sort it out

Holy horse excrement, that was funny!
But seriously, that girl and the boyfriend.... OUCH! I feel sorry for that guy!
Thanks for the funny, BlackSen! =)

Damn man that was a funny one. G'luck with the rest of your projects! And uhh....the glompers :D

Sorry man but I had to rate 2.

I loved the story, it was funny and I liked the dialogue but man. Every time I see stories like this the animation is minimal. With yours though there was more than usual, and I like the anime-esque expressions but if you had've animated the entire thing, like instead of: Text, animated text, picture, text, animation, text, more text, picture, text, SUBSCRIBE with the whole dubstep or EDM shit, I think it would have been so much better.