Reviews for "My First Fangirl"

LOL dude. I wuz the girl.

I like the method: giving animation to pre-recorded audio. You are very lo·qua·cious. It's hysterical. I think you should play around with the background music though. It get's tedious after a while, and a little creativity with the music might do the production good.

PS. I wasn't the girl.

LMAO, that was a good one!

Damn man, after the ice keeping me frozen melts i would probably say something like, "that must hurt bro", thank them both for the support and then politely walk away of course all of this while making a disapproval face, but chances are the freeze would just last for the whole day.

Hahahaha - I would totally freeze too. Congrats on your first fan girl!

Well, just because you are African and American doesn't mean you have to sound like that.