Reviews for "My First Fangirl"

ahha XD I love your animation. That was so funny. Wish I could do one like you.

Hilarious story, and the animation goes along with it well.

Welp. My answer, not that it really matters at this point *clears throat*:

No. Just. No.

Overall not bad a video, BUT of course a boundary was crossed that not too many people would take to actually noticing. But that'll come at another time....if at all.


Dude I love your style of animaiton. It is funny, witty, down to earth, and it reminds me a lot of this other guy on youtube: Swoozie, whom I am also a fan of. You are VERY funny and this story made me laugh a lot. I can't wait to see more of your videos. P.S. I also am a huge fan of skrillex. :3 Keep doing what you do man. Don't change a single thing about your style.

Your voice really fits the animation style