Reviews for "My First Fangirl"

lmao That's awesome, this is actually the first video I've seen of yours (I think, IDK I watch alot of shit on the internet). Three things I always look for in an animation IN ORDER:

1. Storyline
2. Humour
3. Animation

Think you just nailed all three. Good job and all that shennaniganery


i enjoyed this. you have a nice way of keeping viewers engaged with the story even if it's like an illustrated journal entry. i love autobio comics and this felt like an animated version of that, which is really cool. keep it up.

so youre that famous huh?

well i really enjoyed that animation and your storytelling is the bomb. i lika ya a lot! now dont take that too seriously.

Well I take it it was an interesting day for you huh?

well, this was the first BlackSen movie that i have watched and i wanna say...
i liked the fluid animation, the excellent face expressions, the nice, smooth drawings, and the incredible narrative/story!
you have a good voice, so yes, i would love to hear more stuff with you as a narrator.
and: you draw very well, and you have the skills to present a story/event properly.
(i loved it tho when you got lost in the story and you said ''now...where was i again? im lost! GOOGLE MAPS!!!!1'' very funny moment. also, i liked how you said ''i just dropped the dun da dun'' haha, good one!) THEN, i also appreciate that you added some descrition to terms like ''botting'' and ''glomping'' coz i didnt knew those terms (well what can i say? i didnt! :) yep)
and the moment when she said this to you.... in front of her boyfriend....WOW.
AWKARD. i dont know what i would do... perhaps i would try to change back the subject...quickly talking again about animation and stuff.... OR! i would laugh in order to lower the tension and to ''play it cool/laughing as in ''its a joke, right?'' '' and stuff, because i would hate to get punched by any girls BF just because she would say that she likes-likes me...
also! i would possibly start saying ''heyyy guys, thanks for liking my vids! want a shoutout in my next vid?'' to which they would scream ''YES'' and that would disctract them from the awkard situation again.
why am i still talking about this situation?

well, you did a great work with this movie, you kept my interest high, you had nice story/animation and it was all good!
now, some questions: first of all, was this cartoon done in a tablet? because it seems like it was done in a tablet, and it rocks!
also, this movie had a nice speed, what was the FPS, 30? and if so, was this FBF, or tweens?
anywhow, great movie, and guess what: you've got yourself a fan! hah!
keep it up, and do more like this, i enjoyed this alot!
ps: i loved that vegeta-face you did on her BF, lol it was so funny! and i dont even watch that much DBZ, man.... good work!