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Reviews for "Passion of the Manwhore"

Great !!!

well, that got very strange for a second there. I was wondering when something like that would come. :P

It just keeps playing forever. i can't look away. i don't want to look away.

that said i have only one problem. i cannot tell what they are saying during the space fight thing. "refracted in a labyrinth of my pain"? most of it is clear. but it sounds like "repracted" rather than
"refracted" so I'm not sure if that's right.

during the first run through the song, i wasn't sure about a lot of the lyrics. the second time i watched it, all(but that one i mentioned) became clear. also the looping works really well. it just flows together forever

as i write this. i am watching the loop for probably the 10th iteration of the loop atleast. this is amazing.

sexual-lobster, you just have such a complete art style and composition that i literally couldn't find anything in the whole video that looked out of place. this is probably one of my favorite animations you have made.

Sexual-Lobster responds:

cheers. yup you got the refracted line right.

Please, get rid of the cross thing. It is offensive to christians. Otherwise, awesome!

Very good! Not quite on the level with your other music productions but it was alright.

To hopeless87, he doesn't say Zone at the end, he says "Zooooeee" in reference to the other video where he has an autotune section where he says the same thing but cooler.