Reviews for "My Teemo vs Enemy Teemo"

Lesson: Don't feed the enemy Teemo! :D

God this was funyy xD

I can so relate to this. You made me giggle. good job working with this. Keep practicing, you'll get better in no time.

You may want to change the volume around a bit.
You completed the content, now work on the additionnals features. Play with them, find your style. Animation won't always be enough to make people see what you want them to see. Find the right timings to surprise the audience.
I loved the reference to farmville, i bet many people can relate. There's always THAT casual player around that doesn't even try to play the game fully. Maybe you could have put a better emphasis on it. Or maybe you should've put it somewhere it needs the most (teamfight, for instance. I didnt feel the "team" there, it was more of a continuous slaughter than a "team effort". But then again, maybe the "team" part wasn't necessary to begin with. It made the whole video seems like a "okay" when it could be a "good" or even "pretty good" one.).

You'll go far. You have what it takes and I can see that. The visual effects are great, just perfect for the purpose. But aren't you limiting yourself in your ideas? It's the feeling I get after watching this.

You'll be seeing me around next time you post something ;)

pretty funny and i'm sure you'll get better at animating with time cause the animation was a little sloppy !

i liked that "this is sparta" !! LMAOO
did Xin transform inti Lee btw ? o_O

I may not always get what is going on but its funny and I like it.