Reviews for "7 Days to Die: Flash Map"

It does what it claims to do. Great way to find which areas are worth looting on the map.

Great stuff here man. Just add car locations, PLEASE! Also can you just make a version WITHOUT the music? I'd like to keep this up when I play or open my browser but if it loads when I open it, it will play the music and scare the crap out of me. Thanks for making this!

I would not even count this as a demo but at best a teaser... I like the 7 days to die games (if they are the ones I'm thinking of) music was ok to creepy and needs an overall mute to it. if you put some sort of gameplay description/video this would have easily got another start from me...

iCod3r responds:

Finished! :)

Well good luck with that

I have no doubt the finished map will be of use to players, however as it stands the game is like you said yourself...an early beta.

Once the finished version of the map has all of the update points, I'd say the game/map will be quite helpful to new players and veterans alike.

Here are a few things that would also be helpful for people reading the map.

-Some people might have the game playing on one screen and this map on another. These people might also be playing music of their own, with that said, adding a mute button would help to avoid clashing music. This was already on the list of things to update, I just figured it would be wise to point out.
-When zooming into the map to see street names, the text tends to get a little bit pixelated.
Making the map itself bigger to allow for further zoom levels without pixilation or going over and redoing the text would make it more visible and easier for players to read.
-While 7 Days to Die has procedurally generating enemies, items and animals. I'm sure there might be some method to the madness. If you could find an online site that knows about the locations of spawn points and credit them, the information would prevent A LOT of confusion for players that have difficulty finding certain items.
-As well as selectable buildings, adding 'tourist spots', commonly trekked upon locations that players will find themselves at would serve well as a "You are here" location. It would help players who are lost find where they are in the map.
-While temporary, the update list takes up a pretty big potion of the screen. Making this list smaller would allow more room for the music selection and add more visibility to the map.

I look forward to seeing the finished map. Good luck! :P

iCod3r responds:

Finished! :)