Reviews for "Jail Break"

It's meh. I have to agree with too short, and why do they have to animate the dude? Why not a close up on the girl and just the dick? Seeing the fat guy screwing her really took me out of the game. If your going to animate the dude, at least make him good looking. I miss the old games where they just animated images from visual novels.

Too much interruptions and increasingly repetitive little annoyances for a sub-par sex sequence, only to find out that it's a demo.

You used to be so good. Step your game up.

Either work on the full game or don't release demos at all.

All I do was to... "hit on the dog"... hit ON the dog? in a sex game... what?

That was really bad, smooth animation... nothing else here just that.

Ok, I think VadimGOD might have gone off the deep end with this one, 'cus normally there's some sort of logic to how the guys gets to fuck the chicks. In this case he just breaks out of the jail and fucks the very jailer he was trying to sneak around, I mean seriously what the hell!!!! Who does that!!! Also, there's literally one fuck scene in the whole game. Vadim please go back to the games you were good at and not this lazy bullshit!!!