Reviews for "Jail Break"

get rid of the dog or make th meter drain slower... This is horrible i've played that one japanese succubus/Demoms daughter game fine and that is quite hard this is just impossibl need better timing better reactions.

Good art, but the plot in that was flimsier than cardboard. Honestly, a lot of the reason I liked the older games was the element of interaction before skipping straight to a sex scene. It gave it a feeling of immersion that made it more interesting, especially when the main character was just a regular guy, not someone in jail for public exposure and peeping.....

It's not bad, it's entertaining and all that, but you've made better... Please go back to the old good ones, this is a bit lazy, and there's no storyline anymore... >.<

Its a nice simple game, not bad at all but maaan, that dog was f**cking annoying!

Ok, I think VadimGOD might have gone off the deep end with this one, 'cus normally there's some sort of logic to how the guys gets to fuck the chicks. In this case he just breaks out of the jail and fucks the very jailer he was trying to sneak around, I mean seriously what the hell!!!! Who does that!!! Also, there's literally one fuck scene in the whole game. Vadim please go back to the games you were good at and not this lazy bullshit!!!