Reviews for "Jail Break"

While I did enjoy this slightly, I'm in agreement with everyone else. Most of your older stuff is miles better than this and, while I can go back to that stuff if I want. I shouldn't have to, if you get what I'm trying to say. I'm not sure if it's that you've lost your edge, run out of ideas, or what but, this just isn't as good as it could of been.

Its just not the same

What happened? Your games use to be good, now they're sub-par for you. Would've been nice to see the dog fuck the guard as a bonus.

All that for a quick bust is ridiculous. What happen to the amazing artwork and actual storylines that used to be offered?

The dog was pissing me off, plus the cop stares too long and your meter drops halfway down right before the damn dog appears again! Other than that, it's a pretty decent game.