Reviews for "Jail Break"

He's chubby.

Not sure if anyone else encountered this but, the guard had no part in the game (besides the sex scene) at all.
Being that most (if not all) these games are easy as hell, the "enemies" of this type of game at least get you to stop what you're doing so that you meter doesn't decrease or you having to restart the game. This time the female role literally thought of cock the whole time. The only inconvenience was that the dog came by every now and then.
Now I could be mistaken and that the dog was the only obstacle however, I would certainly hope that is not the case.

Right, so in a sex game, the best way to get out of jail? Rape the guard! Ugh, fucking pigs.

As a game it's too easy but the animation is good, this would work better in animation only, less time spent on actionscript more time spent on sex scenes and story that doesn't involve the worst prison guard ever. Either this or improve the balance of difficulty, your games are most of the times too easy or too hard to be enjoyable.

There is a reason why people don't like your games anymore VadimGoD. It's simply because they want your old anime meet and fucks. Which face it got you some pretty good feedback. So why not go back?