Reviews for "Owl (Book Two)"


in my opinion, your writing talents exceeds most.
this isnt worty of newgrounds, you should get it published. honestly i enjoyed reading it.
best of luck

Virgilcomic responds:

Glad you like it. I agree that this book really isn't the kind of thing most teenage arcade fans like to read, and that's the kind of people ng seems to attract. Thanks for your support. I'm looking into other ways of getting the word out.


1337 animation
1337 book
you should really get that published!
it would be a hit
if anything happens, email me
im interested in how this turns out


Yet again, the author has given us a masterpiece. Unlike some of the films on Newgrounds, his series is not one capitilzing on depravity or some fad to get ratings. His stories are masterfully written, and the graphics, instead of trying to be the focus, simply provide a nice overlay and add to the mood, not detract from it as some people would have them do. Everything as far as the engine for the book is perfectly done. I am again humbled at the amount of effort apparent in this submission and humbly wait for his next installment.


The concept for a book on newgrounds is great!
And this really had deep concepts.
Anyway, It's not really bloody or anything like most submissions.

Alright! I've been waiting a long time for this!

Just as stylish as the last one. I have been waiting a long time for this, and it's great to see that your Flash skills are getting better. I have to complain a little about the blood though. A little too much for a children's book, don't you think?

Anyways, I liked the fact that you had more animated objects in this one than the last one. I really thought that the acorn chute was really well done, and it was really cute. :P

Nice job!

Virgilcomic responds:

I'd like to have an acorn chute, wouldn't you?