Reviews for "The Grocery Store"

get potatoes chicken and rice that will give you the good ending

As good as the previous ones, which were good.


I can't find a retry/reset button.
Also, as much as this selecting food thing is fun i still think the "story shaping" mechanic is more fun. (More logic less random shooting)

Fun, as usual.

waffrus responds:

I put in a replay button (bottom left corner) after you reach an ending, but not a reset button since each round is so short.

This game was mostly an excuse to draw lots of different food. So it's a bit more random (story-wise) than the other games, haha.

Still, I'm glad you liked it! I'll try to go back to story-mode for next game. <:

The smirk on Nora cracks me up though.

This is such a lovely game. Great work! I really enjoyed the different dishes you could make, it was very fun and super cute!


So this was a good game with a nice story here, the "STORY" was good and I like the "CHOICES" in all the food, the art was very nice on this piece here, as for improvments I think all you need to do is make more of these kinds of games they are pretty fun.

Make more of these types.