Reviews for "The Grocery Store"

I am satisfied.

waffrus responds:


Been playing your "silly" games and I really do like them. But this time, it was easy. You had me with the "food poisoning"! :D
Funny, well-drawn and nice multiple story sets.
Thanks, BSE!

waffrus responds:

Yay, thanks! :D

i like it. however all items except the vegetables are hard to distinguish. Can you tell me if i am getting the items left to right correctly.
-Green leafies = Lettuce
-red round fruit (mind you tomatoes are fruit not vegetables) = tomatoes
-Brown ovals = potatoes
Tan Teardrops = onions
-Large cylinders = squid
-sausage links = pork
-Large meat cuts = beef
-small meat cuts = chicken
-white bags = flour
-Green boxes = noodles
-Yellow cans = rice
-red boxes = ???

waffrus responds:

Some are right, some are not. Added an edit to help with the ambiguity. Hope that helps!

This game is fun. =D

waffrus responds:

Yay, glad you liked it! :D

Loved this game, along with all of the others in the story! However, I can't tell the difference between the meats. Do they go in the order you list them in, or do I have to pay close attention to what they look like?

waffrus responds:

I tried to keep them in the order that I listed them (left to right, top to bottom).
Sausage links = pork, patties = beef.
I thought about labeling them, but since chicken and squid were just words, I figured, eh, fifty-fifty chance is okay, haha.
Thanks for playing! <: