Reviews for "The Grocery Store"

(Me playing) it will take forever to find all of these.
(I look at medals so i know what ingredients to use) This might be easy yes yes.
(finishes and gets all but the Cook'em all medal) well that took forever.
(looks at description) ..............(finds the "recipes can be found here") Better then looking up the recipes.
At least i know most ingredients by clicking and testing every random stuff right?
like people said the Cook'em all medals is not working but that's fine. Who needs medals when your playing a cute game like this.
keep it up.

Recently stumbled upon this series. They're cute, heart-warming, and satisfying to play. This one was shows how clever you can be with the formula. The most fun part for me was previewing the dishes by mousing over the medals and then trying to figure out which ingredients would result in which dishes. Keep up the great work!

Love the series, but there's a glitch. I got the Cook 'Em All award before I cooked Pork Belly.

the "Cook 'em All!" medal is not working for me now.i wonder how to trigger it.

These are incredibly adorable, and the recipes add longevity that the other entries lack. Love it, and await the next one.

waffrus responds:

Glad you enjoyed it! <: