Reviews for "The Grocery Store"

very cute :)

not so unlike in the real world, the food ended up with the result I myself usually get when cooking. Foodpoisoning

It's difficult to say anything too bad about this. I guess we should just enjoy slice of life games. It really was nice to have a game so simple. It helps that the drawings are great. I guess it could have just used a bit more interaction. I managed to get new medals every time trying, so that's a plus!

The music is nice and pleasant too. While not too memorable, I appreciated this. It's probably the best in the series so far. Granted, that's mostly because I'm just getting used to these games. My mom's getting groceries today!

GG awesome keep up the good work!

Here I am again. I'm not going to lose any of your games, be they like colors of a feather or Nora's ones xD

Well, what to say. As always, cute and funny. Lots of creativity with dishes, i HAVE to try to cook the Attack of the Kraken sooner or later xD. Seems tasty... why did they end up with food poisoning with that? It seems good! Delicate belly they have xD.

I appreciated too the snarky commentary. I laughed my head off with the doodle and the squid "Maybe it wanted to be closer to the music" xD

As always, good job!!

I'll be reviewing your next game too. You're gonna learn to recognize my reviews xD

... that sounds almost like a threat. xD

Oh well, i'll be waiting for the next one!!^^