Reviews for "The Grocery Store"


So this was a good game with a nice story here, the "STORY" was good and I like the "CHOICES" in all the food, the art was very nice on this piece here, as for improvments I think all you need to do is make more of these kinds of games they are pretty fun.

Make more of these types.


nice cooking game dude
i love the art too

As I got the Secret Ending, I got 'Cook 'em All!' And I did not cook all of the dishes! But at least I cooked all 15.

WARNING! These things are a few you can make : potato,chicken,rice=chicken curry tomato,chicken,flour=chicken pizza onion,pork,flour=pork buns tomato,chicken,noodles=chicken penne YOU SOLVE THE REST.

i gave him food poisoning and Nora looked happy