Reviews for "Achtung Wurst"

huahua very funny idea! It is a very hard game with awesome song, that you play as a...SAUSAGE flying through this interesting world made of geometric colorful shapes without touch any wall. You also gonna need a mouse with good scroll wheel. It has a kind of Atari feeling but instead of airship you are a sausage! I really can not go much further in the game, but still had a lot o fun playing it. love the song too and hope to find it to download.

this gave me a huge meat boost

As it seems there are people who don't know: moving Wurst to the left side slows it down.

I think these little simple games prove their worth when you they make you start imagining the world outside of the game that make the game make sense. Obviously this is the end result of millions of years of food fight evolution, laser guided maze navigating sausage. it practically throws itself at you target. Alongside bannanarangs it is one of the classic four dimensional food fight weapons.

I enjoyed the game but I think you should add an alternative way to rotate the wurst (I have a bad scroll wheel, also it would give players a choice of control) Overall, it was fun, challenging, and something different. I enjoyed it a lot and I would play it again if I had a better mouse or if I could rotate the wurst with my keyboard.