Reviews for "Cole Phelps: Arse Hole"

haha funny"u know we dont have to drive on the sidewalk" then the dude gave him a stare like wtf who do u think u are talking to lol .Fuck it he can drive on the sidewalks all he wants. lol poor girl atleast she had a few more seconds to live instead of instantaneous death by a crazy driver on the sidewalk lol. :)

lol. I like it

Nice, witty, and funny. PLUS the title made me laugh my arse off.

Is it me or does this remind me of Ren and Stimpy? But still nice animation, pretty fucking funny.

Hah, for a while there... this is almost awingly heroic and instantly inspiring! But then, nah, wth. Haven't seen the show though so I guess I'd be getting the pun better if I did..