Reviews for "Gun Zombie Gun"

Fun game :D

Awesome zombie killing game.

Playing 3 level, shoted a zombie, the bullet go to a corner and glitched, 2 seconds later, da bullet go to the second zombie, End Of Da Level xD

This game is very specific to it's genre. In that scope, it's actually very good (I advise trying five levels, not just one.)

The levels are well balanced, to the tone of being "on the brink" of being challenging, yet finally they finalize in the moderately relaxed mood. < which this game is good for. ) Thus 5/5

I get all 84 stars on normal levels and bonus levels, but i can only unblock the medal "First shots" fix that pls

wooood responds:

I just checked medals, everything works fine for me.
One of the reasons why medals doesn't works for you could be AdBlock.