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Reviews for "Velcro"

This is an NGADM Round 1 Review


I have been itching to review this one. God, you really outdid yourself. I liked your other music but admittedly never regarded it as music that could win a whole contest. On 24th August, 2015, the day I listened to this track for the first time, you, my friend, blew me away, and I'm happy to say that you totally changed that mindset of mine. This is one of the strongest tracks of this round and it's a damn shame you didn't make it through, but I'm going to leave a nice, juicy, long review to make up for it, and explain exactly what I loved and didn't quite like. Here we go.

So, what I absolutely must commend you on is your brilliant creativity. This is boldly unique, catchy and chock full of really neat ideas that find a cosy place in the listener's head and stick right there for weeks to come (can confirm). There are so many cool things here, and I certainly can't even begin to list them all.

My definite favourite, and a crowd favourite as it would seem, is 1:29's switch to triplet time. And man, you don't even instantly play your main hook, despite making such a drastic rhythmic change. That's a temptation I would've probably fallen for, but nope, you play it cool and throw in a sweet synth solo. THEN, at 1:52, after teasing us for about half a minute, you finally treat us to your primary tune, adapted to your newfound triplet tempo of course, and it sounds so good. Brilliant!

Then you decide to explore half time, playing your hook in yet another new rhythmic setting and with some likeable synth noodling. That's another clear sign of solid musicianship and great ideas. Finally, at the end, you bring us back to 1:52's pace, but adding more synths and melodies on top of everything to emphasise the climactic nature of the ending, and wrapping everything up with a nice bow (or velcro, even).

I could spend all day praising this track, but I think explaining why I gave you a 9 and not a 10 will be of more use than you. So, basically, while I love your composition and ideas, your sounds and overall sound design... eh, they could use some work. Some of the synths are really cheesy, especially the ones in the intro (which REALLY didn't give me a good impression of the track at the start). You have some really cool lead synths with an enjoyable VGM style to them, though, so it's not all bad. Plus, crystal clear mixing with punchy drums and decent levelling!

So really, what deducted a point was some of the sounds you used. Oh, and I also feel like you could've had a stronger, more hyped-up buildup to the last part, but that's a small thing. Otherwise, this is incredulously catchy, fun, and universally likeable. Thanks for such a killer track, and you absolutely must keep it up!


SCORE: 9.0/10

LunacyEcho responds:

=> 24th August, 2015 =>

Memorable first date? :D

=> nice, juicy, long review =>

You're right about that o.o Thanks so much!

=> you don't even instantly play your main hook =>

I guess my mind went 'I've just played the main melody, why would I play it again so soon?' :P Variation and maintaining interest was definitely a big part of my decision-making in this song!

=> primary tune, adapted to triplet tempo =>

I really wish I could say that I wrote the hook in triplet time first, since it sounds so much better than the one in non-triplet time, but it sort of all evolved from that first melody at 0:31. Glad you liked the tripleted version of it!

=> likeable synth noodling =>

Thanks, Step. Now I'm hungry.

=> (or velcro, even) =>


=> sounds and overall sound design =>

You and johnfn are just two peas in a pod, aren't you? Cheesiness is my bread and butter! But yeah, sound design is something I definitely need to work on. Interestingly, I also got some critical feedback on the opening bells, which I really should've changed. I arrogantly kept them in, and I guess I paid the price. :P

=> stronger, more hyped-up buildup =>

I really regret not going for that now! I remember thinking that I ought to add something to make it even more climactic, but it was so packed with synths already that I didn't want to disturb the mixing! :D (also, it was like 3 am and I had to submit it during school the next day so that was basically the last time I would have to do any actual work on it)

Thanks so much for the entire review! And thanks a lot for letting me be a part of the NGADM. It's certainly taught me a ton about how to write better music, from the reviews of my song and from everyone else's music too! If there's anything you ever need for the NGADM, I'm ready and willing to help out. :D