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Reviews for "Velcro"

It's about time I leave a review.

VGM. Well, you're definitely spot on with that genre. I like it. For me, VGM music is mostly about the melody. If the composer has done everything else perfectly, it's the melody that distinguishes the good from the great from the awesome. Yours... is kinda in-between great and awesome. Not quite awesome, because the melodies didn't strike home immediately, but better than great because regardless you're melodies are quite awesome!

Man, that transition at 1:30! You introduced that swing flawlessly and perfectly! Props to you for that! ;D (Haha, and below me LSD is confused as what happened in that transition XD)

"Does this count as a different rhythm or not? Or does it just count as a different way of playing in the same rhythm? AAAGHH!?!" - LSD

Gosh dang it, now I hope LSD doesn't see this XD I'm just kidding, man!

Anyway, going back to reviewing mode. Sound design / mixing. You heard me above. "If the composer has done everything else perfectly, it's the melody that distinguishes the good from the great from the awesome." Since I graded your melody as if this was true, that means I've already implied that your sound design and mixing is perfect. ;) Moving on.

Hooks and loops... because you got stuck... XD GOSH DANG IT STUPID PUNS

Welp, complaints. THE ENDING. IT'S CUT. FIX IT. NOW. Oh wait, you can't, NGADM R1 is over XD that's what I get for deciding to post this so late

Also why are all your tags about getting stuck?

I would have liked some other variations to your track besides the swing. Swing is cool, but it only happens once and isn't enough to give your track the lasting awesomeness I feel it needs. Hey, what if you changed back? That might have been cool. But small complaint, because your track is really swag regardless!

Anyway, great work, and good luck in NGADM! 5/5, 9/10, all that crud! :D

LunacyEcho responds:

It's about time I left a response!

=> melody =>

Thanks! There are definitely certain bits that I want to revisit the melody for (especially during the solos in the latter half), but I definitely do like the main melody and some of the solo sections. So yeah, I see what you mean! There's definitely room for improvement! :P

=> transition at 1:30 =>

Whoo! I had a feeling it would be kinda tough to execute, but it looks like it didn't actually go over too badly!

=> LSD =>

I'm sure he's got better things to do. ;)

=> sound design/mixing =>

Thanks! It means so much to hear someone say that, since those are the areas of music that I feel I'm historically the worst at. :D You're a lot kinder than johnfn when it comes to judging sound design, it seems. :P

=> stupid puns =>

Hopefully I'll get through to the next round of NGADM, and then I'll be able to release songs with stupid puns at an even fastener rate!

=> ENDING =>

You know, I actually don't see it. You and LSD both commented on it, but the only cut I can hear is like, a few milliseconds. In my audio player, you literally wouldn't notice it unless you had the volume up high and were specifically looking for it. Maybe it's something to do with the browser or something? :/

=> tags =>

I always have a connection in my tags! Sometimes the connection relates to the song in obvious ways, sometimes it doesn't. :P I just feel that having interesting tags is more fun than just the normal, banal stuff (username, song title, genre).

=> variations =>

Interesting point! I was originally going to add a section in the end where it went back to non-swing, but at a faster tempo, but I didn't add it, since I thought that might be overcomplicating it. I guess I still need to judge the audience better. :P

Thanks for your awesome review! And thanks for going around and reviewing so many NGADM pieces! If you're still thinking about competing in the NGADM next year, good luck! It'll be awesome to have such a positive force sticking around :P

I feel like I have heard part of this before. I woooonder whyy? XD

No but seriously. As I said, those melodies are wonderful! And this feels way better mixed now that it's finished. Also, thank bass is sooo good! But I wish it was louder, especially between 0:21 and 0:42 (like in the previous mix).
Also, I could swear that you made this faster. It was a good decision! Turns out that your instrument choice actually works okay at 0:42 in the end. Still not the one I would have picked, but it sounds much better now that it's mixed properly and doesn't sound as dry.

That transition at 1:25! o.O
Wonderful. Splendid uh... Something change? I guess it's still technically the same rhythm and tempo, but the way you use the percussion and such makes it feel like it isn't, if that makes sense? Are you proud XD?
The glitchiness in the melody is super cool as well.
Ahh, new wonderful melodies indeed.

As usual, you know what you're doing in terms of percussion.
In general, I like the sound design too. I get a lot of energy from listening to this track.

It's great how you bring back/keep going with the same melody near the end, but in a different way than in the beginning. More jumpy notes, instead of flat/straight on? Now we know how good my music theory is. Does this count as a different rhythm or not? Or does it just count as a different way of playing in the same rhythm? AAAGHH!?!

Either way. You cut off the edning, instead of letting it blead out. Big mistake (tsk, tsk, and you're part of the "harass johnfn's endings club". You ought to know better).
Also, I feel like you could've had a more interesting ending to this. You end this track with a breakdownish-slower feel part, with the melodies going down at the very end. As this track has so much energy, I would like this to end with something going up, and pretty fast!
Kinda like 3:34-3:36, but longer!

Anywho... That's just my small input.

Overall, great job. You've definitely improved a lot lately! If only you wouldn't have such insane competition, I would've thought you'd have a good whot at making it through with this :)
Keep it up, dude ;)

LunacyEcho responds:

FUNNY STORY so I typed up some huge response to this where I thanked you for everything and broke down my song section by section and mentioned johnfn four times and then I accidentally deleted it when I went back to edit something so...

thanks so much for everything! :D Sorry this response sucks. But good luck in the NGADM! :D You're up against some fierce competition, but then again, your song is absolutely amazing. :)

Aw Yeah!!!!

I like this a lot. It's like 90's video game synths with some funky jazz (unfortunately that's all I can think up for genres). That's besides the point though. I like what you're doing with this. It definitely highlights your abilities with composition and it's a bit farther than where you've come from. The mixing is quite solid too. I'd say with this piece you have a good fighting chance to continue on. I wouldn't say it's a solid chance, I'm not going to pick this apart like the judges will, but at least be proud of this piece. Not many people will be able to put something like this together on their own.

Keep life jazzy!

LunacyEcho responds:

Another year, another NGADM! Glad to see you again :D

=> 90's video game synths =>

Haha, figures you'd like that :P

=> + jazz =>

Thanks for the genre suggestion! That sounds about right.

=> mixing is quite solid =>

Yay! Mixing is something I haven't been *quite* up to par with in comparison to my competition.

=> a chance =>

Thanks! It means a lot to hear that from you. :D To be honest though, I think even saying that I have a good fighting chance is stretching it when you listen to my competition T.T I honestly wouldn't be surprised if JacobCadmus, JustinOfSuburbia, and Jabicho (am I encroaching upon the J group?) take the top three spots in any order. My personal goal is to beat a score of 7.5, since that's the score I got for my piece in the NGAUC. :P

=> Keep life jazzy! =>

You know it ;)

Thanks for dropping by and leaving a review! It's a shame you couldn't compete this year, I was looking forward to those new-wave game vibes :P But hey, now that you're here, why not stick around and enjoy the rest of the competition while you can? :D