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Reviews for "Brolly ep 04"


I did not vote you a 5 for this movie because I feel like im just watching the movie over again but just a tad worse. No offense you did a really good job but it was to much like the movie.
I would have given you a btter score if you had made the movie up totaly different, but since you did not I cant give you a 5.

next time make something up so some of us can enjoy it better.

Dude, you rock

i have watched that movie, once before, and all i have to say is, you did it good man. that was a real nice touch, using the real audio from the movie, i wish i could be able to make a cartoon as well as you one day, so, this get the best ranking i have ever given


Great movie... I love your style it's different from other stick movies. But it still is just stick. Backgrounds where great and faces too. I suggest going here: http://animation.about.com/lib rary/weekly/aa111000a.htm -- Great tutorial on animation for mouth when they are talking, because I noticed you barely did mouth movement at all.


An excellent re-creation of one of the Brolly movies. I don't care for the sticks so much, or them all being the same color (for the most part), but still, well done. I'm gonna watch ep 05 now.