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Reviews for "Brolly ep 04"


Nice job. But still I'm getting pretty tired of waiting like the other brolly-fans. When will you submit the others? And when will you submit the FULL Janenba 3? And when are you going to fix the problem with the link to His Pride? Seriously man, Im waiting like a half year for this shit, and still no results. I hate unfinished business. Please MAN IF YOU READ THIS PLEASE PLEASE SUBMIT EVERYTHING YOU HAVE! Because its so exciting, and the moment where its exciting that brolly just turned super saiyan, he stops submitting the shit. I mean, the movie was so great, with Vegeta Goku and Piccolo was on his way to the planet aswell. Just submit those other episodes too please! By the way, I liked the movie!

Pretty good, pretty good.

The sticks are funny, the sound is good, and the subtitles are so pro. I couldnt understand half of it - it's so true to its original form!

Needs improvement

This one would have been better if you could more easily see the characters against the dark backgrounds like space. Another reason to custominze the colors a little more. Also, I can't say I approve of Goku's language. He isn't the sort to swear heavily and Toriyama rarely used anything worse than "Shit!" Japanese can be translated many ways and fansubs usually use harsher lanuage than a more faithful translation.


i dont know i like the american version better because goku has a deeper voice and doesnt sound like a girl. it would be better if they showed it on adult swim on cartoon network then itd wouldnt be "watered down" as you say.

Excellent, Excellent, Excellent!!

The legendary super saiya-jin, Brolly. Beautiful! He's by far my favorite character. I'm also glad to see that you used the japanese version for the words and subtitles. The american DBZ is way too watered down. I can't stand watching it after watching the japanese version. Great job!