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Reviews for "Brolly ep 04"

Uh oh...

Brollys getting mad :P Goku had better watch out hehehe, I like your flashes, nearly all of them are DBZ and you make them nicely (Besides the swearing in your other flashes) Im gonna go watch the next episode!

**** - Great




Heh, great stuff.

Dude!!! Awesome!!! Keep it up it is getting better

I must admit... These films are pretty good. And i bet that you get no hate-mail! Unfortunately, it seems a little (exactly like the OG DBZ... So i have to say 10 ponts all!

But since it "Seems" like you copied it, im going to have to say 10 Anyway for sheer fact that your flash movies Kick @$$!!!

Great films, Great Plot, Great Theme...
KEEP IT UP MAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


This is getting pretty good!