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Reviews for "Brolly ep 04"

very nice

good very good im watching all of these later but i decided i would make a review for these umm i just think these are cool and the people that are stealing your stuff are buttholes. (and by the way joegt is a complete Dumb ass)


why was brollys hiar blue it doesnt get blue until ss5 or ss6

nice job...

wow... this was really good, you matched the movie perfectly and the animation was nice and smooth. good job.

I agree

They are scorning you because they can't do what you can.

Give the guy the credit he deserves damnit!

Finally someone is willing to put in the effort to make a damn good flash, and no challenge could ever be greater amoung the realm of flash than to creatively construct any one part of the DB series.
This guys flash output should be a guarenteed blockbuster. As if going the distance to replicate the brolly series wasn't enough this guy decides to make his own little changes that will make the rest of us wonder how in the hell did he do it? There is no boudary for the gratitude and apreciation for unleashing the best flash series that ever was, and will remain as such until this guy remasters the series. Is it ever a wonder this world is coming to an end?, those who give such an insensitively low rating go the hell, that includes those hypocrites who stole this guys animations. Think of it this way Blaive all good things in this world have been scorned by the incompatent!.