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Reviews for "voicemail"

There's something that bothers me about this. There are a lot of people who aren't able to leave a message like this or offer a hand to help which is what truly is sad. I've grown up in homes like this and I swore to myself that I would never make a home in this fashion. May not make sense to the next person or someone might make a stupid joke about it but this made me cry beautifully tragic if I can use those words together. It truly hit home with me. I don't have any other words to say.

Gah, the feels.

Inspiring creative and helpful.

If you ever feel like shit this movie can remind you there always is someone out there. I especially like the water color paint animation and message it delivers,. Well done

dylan responds:

Glad you liked it!

Dude, your technique is astounding. Really dig the photoshop animation. It definitely has a different feel and I love it all the more for it. Only reason I'm taking off half a star is because I didn't really like the voice work towards the end. But it doesn't detract from the overall animation. Again, nice work man.

Wow this one really poked my mind. Good job with this. What really grabbed me is the sound design and voices. This made me put the voice artist on my watch list when I consider a voice artist for my future projects. She really can perform a convincing dramatic role.

dylan responds:

Thanks! Sound design is something I love tinkering with, but I often feel a lot of indie animators tend to ignore or push it to the side. Sound really is like 70% of animation

and yeah, Codeblack did great! (especially for having to deliver the lines like two hours after sending them)