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Reviews for "voicemail"

Brilliant voice work supporting a beautiful script.

Well done man.

Beautiful as always, Dylan! By the way, congratulations, Dylan, for being part of the 2014 Lonhorn Denuis Showcase and 15th Annual Jump Cut Film Festival! I mentioned it on my website and on Twitter but I don't think you frequent any of those, so I figured I'd add it in to my review. I really like your unique style!

dylan responds:

Thanks, Pipes! I know I'm following you on twitter, but I just never keep up with my feed all that much.

You might also like to know that Pine aired (or will air maybe? I'm honestly not 100% sure when) on an ESPN owned channel, which, in turn, is owned by Disney. So if you wanna twist those words and make it sound like you've been a voice actor for Disney, go for it! I know that I'm going to be putting something along the lines of "Disney animator" on my resume somehow!


dylan responds:



dylan responds:


A very effective combination of animation and sound. The "dirty" art and animation style really goes with the torrent of emotions the characters are feeling, and the minimalist art forces us to focus on important details. The emotions that the animation is trying to portray are very complex, and an integral part of the human soul and culture, and yet a tragic part of life that no one wants to go through.

The voicemail message (being the only spoken dialogue, which I thought was a good choice) strikes close to home for me as a person who tries to be "that friend" for a lot of people. It means that the animation doesn't just speak to victims, but also to friends and family who are outside looking in.

All told, this is a short Flash which nevertheless speaks monuments. For that, I think it's worthy of a 10 out of 10.