Reviews for "My Mission"

I love it!

Beutiful animtation. This inspired me even more. I am a kid and I have wanted to animate since I was 3 years old. I even had a tantrum because My mom told me I was too young and didn't know how. So here I am, I have my own animation kit, I watch this vid and think, wow this is my mission as well. Wonderful animation and keep doing what you are doing.

Fungasm responds:

Work hard to do what you want, man. You can do it~

Only 2 pages of review with 2k views? wow, well you deserve way more than that! Listen man, this beautiful piece of art that you just gave to us on newgrounds is Amazing. I loved the neutral color in the background, the animation, the resolve the kid had from such a young age to when he was older - a sense that he had a mission to fulfill and resolve from the youngest of years and it would carry on to him to his eldest of years.-, i loved what you did with Steamboat Willie and Oswald the lucky rabbit -or at least it looks like him-. Man this inspired me, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE NEVER GIVE UP EITHER!!! i loved this man 5 stars and a favorite, GL man and keep inspiring.

Awww Fungy. Same story here bro. Nice work <3

asim foi criada a disnei