Reviews for "My Mission"

Thumbs up bro, great animation, inspiring me to become an animator, also paying my bills doing what i love. Thanks for keeping my motivation up, nice work! :)

Really Great animation with a wonderful mission I think everyone could agree on. Great work my friend.

An important mission indeed, and it seems you're doing it! Nice work! One thing that confuses me a bit is the end, that 'rain', is that inspiration? I was kinda imagining his eyes crossing and the stream of consciousness drifting away to reveal that statue was like a sign of his passing, but I hope that's not the case here. :P Sketchy style was nice, the music calm and effectual, the message definitely one with an impact. Nice work!


Fungasm responds:

It was a cheap way of showing imagination releasing from his head. The statue was an end goal. Based on the Walt Disney statue.

I loved how cutesy and personal it was. The music was incredible as well. Kudos David!

Awww Fungy. Same story here bro. Nice work <3