Reviews for "Most Important Mission"

Now I regret I haven't done a longer version of "The Uprising Good". This was a really smart story and fully understandable, gives a lot to think about the unspoken and unshown. Great job there =)

By the way your live playing skills on the keyboard are better than mine I enjoyed watching ^_^v

Greetings Sema

jackbliss responds:

Hey man I think its perfect the way it is but then again a longer version would be awesome! Your music was so powerful it really carried the whole movie.

Thanks for making such cool music and keep up the great work!! :)

That was quite the moving entry.
Keep up the good work!!!!!!!!!!

jackbliss responds:

Thanks very much for your continued support! :)

Wow sure makes you think. so far this might be one of the more serious movies of Nata 2014

jackbliss responds:

Thanks a lot for your review and support! :)