Reviews for "Most Important Mission"

That was easily the best in the series. Hey, this was submitted on my birthday! Well, most of them were. This was quite satisfying. You send off a very powerful message. The music was beautiful too.

I knew you'd mention religion. It's a very good looking cartoon. Well, as good looking as something lacking of hope can be. You deserve the highest score here. It was pretty sad.

nice animation with a strong message, makes me think about life in a deeper way.

Thank you for giving me more faith in the human race. But seriously, this is art.

jackbliss responds:

Awww.. thanks a lot :)

Everything in this wonderful movie is true.

jackbliss responds:

Thank you. I am glad you feel that way :)

Disregard that this is a spam account, my main was review banned years ago.

Anyway, onto the animation, I really really enjoyed this and while it didn't quite surpass the visual quality of other NATA entries, this is still probably my favorite yet. I really respect you and appreciate the message you're conveying here. Albeit a bit predictable, I found it to be beautiful in that regard. It kind of baffles me that anyone is criticizing the story, you have an excellent point.

The only criticism I can offer is that some of the animation (such as the man holding out money) looked a bit rushed, but it in no way detracted from the overall movie.

Overall, this was very enjoyable. I loved the jabs at war and how sad our world really can be. It's too bad that some others cannot see it, but there's definitely a crowd of people that will. Great job!

I look forward to seeing more from you

jackbliss responds:

Hey man thanks a lot for the long throughtful review. It was a bit rushed for NATA deadline but I do wish to make a better animated version of this someday :)