Reviews for "The Battle for the Crown"

I'm not sure if something went wrong with the audio quality but that aside this was a good animation! And I noticed it was your first submission aswell. Good luck in the NATA competition!

i like it, quite a lot actually. i had to stop it about a minute before it was finished because of the sound quality (but you already know about that i'm sure. I have been browsing your work and the thing that stands out to me is you seem not to have lost the true essence of youth. the fact that this has no music actually made me think about the games my friends and i would play as a child. the only thing i might add (were i a creator) would be some backround type noises as the constant shifts in volume (none to full) are pretty distracting. 4 stars and all my 5 are belong to you my friend

I've seen worse.

i saw some nice animation in there, however line quality was all over the place. the characters would be drawn smoothly and neatly and then in some shots they would suddenly be very sketchy looking. The audio also could use some work but overall i think you have a lot of potential to be really great and goodluck in the tourny

The animation was fantastic! But you definitely need a better microphone and practice for some more sincere voice acting. Also at 00:41 the guys mouth doesn't disappear in the next scene.