Reviews for "The Battle for the Crown"

Tha Animation is very rough, the story's not too bad.
Would be great to see a revamped version if you wanted to do a comparrison later on.

I feel as if the only thing that let down this animation was the audio. The addition of maybe some music or the sounds of battle in the background could have made the animation quite a bit more interesting. Also at 43 seconds there is a floating mouth from the previous scene.

the animation itself was really well done and interesting to watch even if the lines were pretty rough. The characters looked interesting and the cartoon was a good length.

The animation was fantastic! But you definitely need a better microphone and practice for some more sincere voice acting. Also at 00:41 the guys mouth doesn't disappear in the next scene.

I'm not sure if something went wrong with the audio quality but that aside this was a good animation! And I noticed it was your first submission aswell. Good luck in the NATA competition!

The idea of a water balloon war is interesting and good but the sound quality is way to low. If this wasn't under judgment I would have stoped at the very begining of the vid. Also, there needs to be more clarification of what is going on. Up until near the ending of this animation I was still trying to understand what was happening. Good idea, bad finish.