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Reviews for "Castle of Terror"

meh, could be better, better physics and controls.

Okay, it's a decent little game so far, but there seems to be a problem. I'm at level 22 and the vampire just won't die when shot. I have no idea what's happening. I hit him squarely, but he just won't die. I watched the walkthrough and in there, he dies when he gets shot, so what the heck ? Bottom line, gams is glitched. I don't now if other players have encountered that problem, but that's kinda serious. And it'd be inconvenient enough if you just had to refresh the page, but I did, and the problem is still there. If I feel like it, I'll try to replay the game from the beginning in hopes it solves the glitch, but this shouldn't be necessary.

Other than that, it's okay. Not mindblowing, but it's reasonnably fun and it works well.

The controls tho. Maybe it's just my computer or it might be a bug. Check just in case.

I tried to find a reason to give this game a single star... but the graphics are cheap and stupid looking, the interface looks like a free template they give you, just covered in blood, the music and sound is clearly taken from a copy right free site; which isn't bad, but it doesn't suit the style, the physics are off, and the only concept that might be construed as original was the fact that Van Helsing fought more then just vampires. And even that was barely original. Horrible game play, nothing was actually good about this game in my eyes.