Reviews for "Good Boy!"

Best evar

Loved the animation, well written story too!
Good luck to you with NATA hope you pass to the next round :)

I bet this is how things get broken in the home. The dog is so worried that the human will be mad so they make it worse trying to fix it. The eye looking part was funny

Looking back at ancient cartoons like Steamboat Willie and such, you notice that they have sort of s simple plot, not much in the way of dialogue, and constant piano music. Something about that combination results in a somehow very entertaining and watchable cartoon. I think that's what you have here. A simple little story with great animation that results in a somehow hilarious video. It's nice to finally see something other than the constant wall of noise and flashy colors that make up almost all movies on this site. 100/100, seriously good stuff.

that was deep! i suppose...
very cute animation