Reviews for "Good Boy!"

i was gonna give 5 until the ending, the ending was bad so here are 4 stars ^^

Many things in this were great! The animation was extremely expressive, and kind of gave me a "Ren and Stimpy"-mixed-with-"Courage the Cowardly Dog" vibe. It definitely helped to express the story with humour and goofiness. I also liked the background and the colour, as they went well with the wackiness. The sound was minimal, but that added to the style of this short film, almost like one of those very-vintage videos; those black & white films with little screens of text, before they invented "talkies." Anyway, in summation, this was awesome.

Gotta love that classic humor.

I just love such plain silly cartoons. Really nicely done! Keep it up.

Pure awesomeness. The animation and the expressions of the dog were perfect together with the jukebox music. Well played sir