Reviews for "Good Boy!"

I cannot-- begin.-- to understang; wtf I saw.

A really cute animation that takes advantage of the theme for sure. It has some very creative expressions, and a nice ending to round it all out!

I bet this is how things get broken in the home. The dog is so worried that the human will be mad so they make it worse trying to fix it. The eye looking part was funny

This was clever and well-executed. The use of old-timey music and visual styles mixed in perfectly with the story you were trying to tell. The reviewer below said he found it hard to follow the story. I disagree, I got exactly what you were trying to convey.

A solid four stars. Not immaculate or anything, but cute, clever, and well-done indeed!


Well, congradulations on getting the highest score in this round. I really do like the animation. It's probably the best there is. What I did not like was how it was a bit hard to follow. I couldn't really understand what was going on. Was it in his mind or something? A flashback?

I could still enjoy this. It helps that everything flows together so nicely. It is fairly unpredictable when you think about it. Explosions are always cool, especially in cartoons. It reminded me vaguely of "Wander Over Yonder".