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Reviews for "In Gods Mournful Design"

"...this is a pretty grey area as to whether I think this would be considered decent or not..."

I don't think that this is decent :/
I think it's frickin' brilliant!!!

How did you even manage to pull this off, with all the mixing? You're insane, dude. I love everything from the intrumentation, the effects, the progressions, the percussion, and the melodies to the overall atmosphere. Also, you did a good job tweaking those choirs.
The ending works well too.

This if anything, could work well in a movie or a game. The production quality is quite amazing.

I can't even fathom the work it must've taken to make this.
I really don't have much to say. This is simply too good. Your group better watch out, because I think you have a good chance of making it to the next round with this.

Awesome job, dude!! And of course, good luck ;)

Like LucidShadowDreamer said, this is honestly amazing. I mean really AMAZING. My mouth was literally gaping open from listening to this, I don't think that's ever happened to me with a song on Newgrounds before, haha XD I usually try to offer at least one piece of critique, but I can't find anything here... Wow, what can I say, besides pat yourself on the back?
Would you be alright with me using this in a non-profit game that I'll be making? I'd give you credit for your song of course.

Lich responds:

You are more than welcome to use this track along with any of my other tracks for your game <3

jesus christ.

You really start perfecting your stile! Continue like this and you´ll leave Trent Reznor in the shadows...

i like the track !!!!
how or were did you get the Choir Chants ?
good work !!

Lich responds:

Choir chants were done with EastWest Symphonic Choirs (WordBuilder) Platinum