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Reviews for "In Gods Mournful Design"

would've been good to have more breaks from the stormdrum, it's this unrelenting, uncomfortable wall of sound. the choir patch is kinda cloudy, would be good for it to be a bit clearer so that the lyrics were actually intelligible without reading them (also it's "could have saved" hehe) - actually it felt like the phrasing of the lyrics was super stiff at times too. crotchets 4 dayzzzz!

tbh it was kinda hard to get a sense of melodic theme. it feels like you write in a very stream-of-consciousness way which isn't always bad, especially when you tie stuff together well in terms of instrumentation. but it should still be anchored to a strong motif imo - the first 90 seconds or so are really good at this, maybe too repetitious but i've never found repetition to be inherently bad. honestly i don't really like how the melodies interact with the underlying chords - sometimes it feels like you accidentally wrote polymodal music without thinking about it. maybe that's just a preference thing from me though

anything i didn't mention was really good though. great work!

Lich responds:

I record alot of my patterns live from my MIDI Controller and just quantize them accordingly which is why it's most probably very stream-of-conscious sounding. EWQL Symphonic Choirs does sound pretty dated though I agree. It's pretty difficult to get it to sound clear but at least I tried haha. I'll be sure to tone down on the Big Drums in future submissions, I did go abit overboard on this one.

gl in Round 2 <3

intro cool

why does everything sound quiet

is the progression suppose to be only two notes

u trying to tease my weiner the whole tune

where is the climax





those are my thoughts

rest is clutch

good luck gg

Lich responds:

I don't usually do this kind of thing haha. I'll be sure to make my next attempt less repetitive.

You really start perfecting your stile! Continue like this and you´ll leave Trent Reznor in the shadows...


would sound great for a video game.




I wish I could think up music like this. I could see how mixing was a nightmare. There isn't much music on the internet that literally leaves my mouth open for a minute straight.



Excuse me while I try to catch my jaw