Reviews for "Knock it Moose"

So it's Basically a game where I shoot Moose in a hole?

THIS IS AMAZING. You should totally pitch this idea to Mattel or some shit and make a game out of it. I LOVE IT

Also were those the sounds from the windows pinball game?

GuyUngerNL responds:

whahah, yea man they are from windows pinball xd
I'm very happy you like it!

Nice one for a week of work. I find it a bit tough cause the ai of the enemy Moose are more difficult than I thought. Otherwise the gameplay is not impossible. The advertising of your other games is a nice touch xD. I once did the same thing as portraits in a house in one of my unpublished games. My only complain is the leaderboard for 8 Moose Pool, it doesn't load or needs to be activated. Great job though :)

OMG! Is it Rayman intro song at the begining?

The only complaint I have is the mole. I can't even line up a shot without being thrown into the hole by that jerk. But I did waste a bunch of time on this game so it works!

LOL it lasted around 10 minutes to count all my money :p