Reviews for "Knock it Moose"

This money earning game could be easier. Make your next game less difficult.
The medals work, and I earned them all.

I think the medals belong somewhere else. Also, this gopher thing just ends the game if it is stuck at the spawn.

dude, this is, like... way too hard!

This game is quite cool, though before starting I would like to talk about bugs I've detected:
- Bugs -
On filmroll level, it's impossible to escape from the "ground" if it's on the center of the level.
On bad feeling level, enemies spawn point is so near of the hole that if you're lucky you may get many many money. I got 20k only for watching how enemies fell for themselves on the hole.
Player / enemies launches have a strange performance, sometime if you get hit by an enemie while you're "loading the launch" it's like if you weren't loading it. I don't know if you understand me, it's pretty difficult to explain.

I don't know if there are more bugs on the others levels, I haven't tested them.

- Graphics -
I read you're making a game every week, and that's very awesome. I don't know how to explain what I think about the graphics. I dislike them but I like them, I don't know how to say. I know you had only one week to make the whole game that's because I understand graphics aren't too good. Despite of I think graphics aren't too good they may be really cool for another person.

- Music -
I don't understand about music so I can't talk about it. I can only say it's cool for a game like this... it's a Rayman Menu cover... so 0 on music originality.

For ending. As I said when I talked about graphics, I understand you had only one week to make the game, that's the main reason I'm giving you this rating. I think you won't modify the game to fix it, but you should do it, I think.
I don't know if anyone else saw the same bugs as me, but if I'm the only one who saw them it doesn't matter, you have not to fix them for me though it would be epic.

Well, I really did manage to make a fun game out of this. I still really have no clue what's going on, though. Of course, I didn't ask questions with galactic golf. This is on a smaller scale, so it might make more sense? I really did like the graphics in this. It did get to be annoying at times.

I don't even know what those other guys are for. It seemed like it was just four levels. I appreciate this unique idea. Moose are just funny. They were featured like every other animal on Invader Zim.